Wednesday, December 23, 2009


What was a routine school function on Saturday, December 19, 2009, turned out to be a red-letter day for the family. Though my children have to a certain degree excelled in their studies, participated in high school-level science seminars, debating competitions and other events, and brought home cash prizes and certificates, none of them matched what my eldest daughter Nadine achieved last Saturday.

Am I ecstatic? Proud? Probably both and more! I am in seventh heaven. I am proud to be Nadine's father, and for that matter I am proud of all my daughters, from the doting little Robie, to the ever-changing Janie and the book-worm Patricia. You literally have to drag Patricia out for fun or sports, otherwise, she would prefer to sit inside and read the wide-range of fiction and non-fiction that I have collected over the years. I am a book-lover, willing to part with heavy for for a set of encyclopaedia. I am even willing to buy books that I know I would never touch them but would like them to grace my library. You'd be astonished to see the wide-range of books that I have collected.

Well, back to Nadine! When my first daughter was born I browsed through different names and ultimately settled for "Nadine" which literally means "my hope". True to her name and my deep-longing, she has turned out to be a fine daughter. I am really blessed to be her father and not the other way round.

On Saturday, the First Lady of the State (the wife of the Governor), presented Nadine with the "Foundian Girl of the Year Award 2009". Oh! it was so wonderful! To be chosen the "girl of the year" is no mean achievement. I went to school and university for close to 20 years and never came close to achieving such a feat. I am so happy for her to receive the award in her final high school year.

The award consisted of a citation, book and cash prize of Rs.1000. They are just another ordinary stuff but what is extraordinary is the recognition, the achievement! Oh, to be the "Girl Of The Year"!

Dear daughter, may God grant you the wisdom and the courage to continue to walk the right path in the days ahead!

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