Thursday, January 21, 2010

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The arrival of a new year means giving fresh impetus to the hope that is in us. To build new bridges, to cross new hurdles and to move forward. With fresh ideas and a new kind of zeal unshackled by past obligations, you can only zoom ahead if you have the will to do so.
On a personal note, the new year saw us diving headlong into some uncharted waters. It would be foolhardy to disclose them right at this point of time. But rest assured you will get to know them as time goes by.
I did everything possible to let the children enjoy the festive season. We went places, eating out, visiting relatives, trying to bond them with new friends and whatever possibly a single parent could do. Patricia took this picture as we went searching for a maid about 10 km from our home town. Down a winding road, she probably must have leaned out and took this picture with me at the wheels.

If the camera is in their hands, my children have an irresistible desire to shoot and capture images. I am amazed at their taste. As we went outing, they captured some wonderful pictures which I have posted below. Most of them are centred around Buallian village and Khuga Dam.

And look at the birds flocking together in this picture below. It is awesome! Such a wonderful picture, shot by Patricia.

Having a wonderful time does not just simply mean an outing. Little Robie is having the time of her life doing what she is best at. She loves to play mother to her dolls and teddy bears. The other day she was breast-feeding one of her dolls and her grandpa was so amused, and when he talked about it she denied doing it. Here she is:

Even as Robie was playing mother, her sister Janie tried her hands at wall-painting. She was so eager to do it I just let her. She almost made a mess of it. But I really appreciate her desire to help.

                                                       Helping hands....solicited or unsolicited!
Even as the two of them stayed home, it was the first-day of school for Patricia. She is now in Class VIII. She was so excited to go to a higher class this year. She was up early, most probably unable to sleep, and got ready for school well ahead of time.

Their eldest sister Nadine as usual is attending her coaching classes. It's from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm. She is also taking home tuition from 4.10 pm to 5.10 pm. Mr Ibo, her teacher, is a cool guy whom I had known for a very long time. I am most thankful to him for coming over to the house and taking personal charge of my Nadine.
Well, what else do I write about? Dad and mum are okay, though they have not been keeping well lately. Would you please kindly uphold them in your prayers?
Janie's 9th birthday is fast approaching. It is on 3 February. Then both she and Robie will start school on 10 February. It is still 20 days away. Everything is progressing, though not as good as one would wish for. I have kept you too long. It's time to end this piece. But before that here are some more pictures. Have a look!

                                                                 Robie drying clothes!

                                                   Nadine and me posing for a quick shot!

                                      Like one of those cowboys about to gun down a challenger!

                                        Dad and Khawlhoiting, my younger brother's daughter!



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