Thursday, February 04, 2010

A Daughter With A Heart!

A few things about last night's Janie Janezokim's birthday celebration.

Janie wanted to celebrate her birthday in her own way. For the past one week she talked of nothing but her birthday. She said, "Papa, I'll invite only those I'm really closed to. I don't want too many people to turn up also". I don't know what was going on in her mind but I do appreciate her openness and also some of the things she did as her birthday approached. She suggested that she wanted a three-layered birthday cake. Living in a small town where cakes are difficult to get, I was doubtful whether we would be able to get such a cake for her. But we did get the cake and though she was not fully satisfied, she was contented. She was in two minds whether we should have a dinner party or just tea and some snacks. She knew it was not easy to prepare for 40 - 50 people. So, we finally settled the matter and stick to the tea and  snacks items only.
When the day dawned, she was up and about, and I asked her to sweep. Her little sister Robie helped. Patricia cleaned the rooms as their big sister Nadine is indisposed for the last few days due to recurring stomach pain. She has been unable to attend her coaching classes since Friday.
Janie went to the houses of her close friends and relatives, personally inviting them. When we were returning home after getting her birthday cake from the shop where we ordered, we saw her inside a shop. I was shocked. I stopped the vehicle and inquired what she was doing. She said she wanted to buy slacks to wear. when we returned home it was almost 3.00 pm and she took bath on her own and started preparing for the birthday party which was to start at 5.30 pm.
She was so excited and so happy, bubbling with enthusiasm. Her friends and relatives turned up. Her uncle from Guwahati, Pastor T. Kampu unexpectedly turned up. Everything went according to script. Her uncle T.Kampu shared from God's Word, her grandpa said a prayer for her and another uncle Elder Chinlam closed with a word of prayer.
I had a tough time sending her to bed. She was so full of excitement. Wanted to see the gifts again and again. But even for children like her, all things must come to an end. And I believe she was happy and satisfied with the way things had gone. As for me, I said a silent prayer of thanks to God for all the people who showed up and gifted my daughter such wonderful gifts, and be a mother to her. Her mother may never put the first piece of cake into her mouth again but Janie will always know that she has mothers who love her as much as "she" did!
God has blessed me with fine daughters, who all have different qualities and peculiarities. Nadine is sharp, intelligent, helpful. Patricia smart, always dressed for the kill and brilliant. Robie is Robie. She is such a darling I cannot imagine a world without her. And as for Janie, she is not that intelligent and bright but someone who looks into my heart. Every time I shed a tear, she is there by my side crying with me. Every time we visited her mother's grave, she is there with me crying. She knows the hurt and pain I am going through at this very moment. And she will do everything to console and comfort me. For such a tender age, her reaction to certain situations are really amazing. God must have given me such a daughter with a heart of gold for such a time as this! I love you, my child! Your mother must be very proud of you!

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