Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On Some Not So Trivial Matters

I am at pain to pen this. Tried hard not to but a nagging thought in my mind compelled me. I leave it to the discerning mind of my readers for their final judgment if the matters raised are worth serious consideration.

Boys in tight fitting trousers
I have never seen anything more disgusting. One evening around six when I entered the ATM kiosk I saw this figure which was everything but male. There was nothing to suggest from the back to immediately identify the person who was ahead of me as a boy. My mind ran through the profile of the person noting that she must be about 15/16, still in high school or had just entered college life. Hair was a bit short but I concluded it was okay. Slim and tall, I thought the dress fits her well. You would never understand my reaction when the head turned. She turned out to be a “he”, but he still looks like a girl because of the way he dresses.
I asked myself why boys have the fad to dress like girls. Are they sexually-oriented like girls? If not, why do they want to cover themselves up in such girlish dresses?
In the last four decades I have witnessed different fashion trends. But in all those males were still males. But not now! The other day I saw this boy in a tight-fitting trouser which itself was nauseating enough. And the color? Green! Oh! my, why do we produced such kids?
Parents have a big responsibility to see to it that their sons do not become “daughters’ in future. Their mannerisms and dresses must always conform to their gender. If ignored, sexual-orientation can undergo Himalayan transformation. And if it comes to that, no one will be more pained and shamed than parents themselves. There is still time. But we need to act immediately, and now!

Young girls and older men
One lighted-hearted but animated discussion on a dusty road-side mobile recharge shop during a Tuesday’s enchanting morning resulted in one friend talking about an incident which he witnessed a few days earlier. The disturbing incident took place when he was headed for Lingsiphai village in his car. As he was passing through Thingkangphai, a young girl, he said very young, was driving an Activa and heading in the opposite direction. A much older man, must be married, and with enough kids to last several reincarnations, was pillion-riding. As their vehicles crossed, he noticed that the man was holding with both hands the “b-easts” of the young girl in full public view. The Activa sped away and he was unable to note the numbers.
When he narrated the incident, he was both amused and pained. Civil societies and conscious citizens should act to curb such immoral and socially disturbing behaviour. While intimacy between male and female may not be against the law, we are well aware that intimacy of any kind should be between the sheets, and in the privacy of one’s home. Such open display of intimacy must be checked, and I believe, the parties involved can be booked for obscenity under law.

Of lies and football
One Sunday afternoon I overheard a conversation between a mother and her easy-going son. It went something like this: “Nunu, there are many people in the ground now. I will go and watch the football match”. “But son, it is Sunday and they don’t play on a Sunday”. “Oh, that’s true, but still some children are playing and I will go and watch them anyway”.
And talking of football, after more than a decade I managed to watch the last 10 or so minutes of the second semi-final played at the public ground. As it was my first, I wanted to know which side was which, and asked a young fellow next to me if the red uniformed team was this and that club. To say that he was a bit rude would be an understatement. His answer was, “I don’t know”. I asked another and he gave me the same answer. The young fellow was watching a football match without knowing the score, which team was on which side and so on. No, he evidently knew but was too rude to give proper answers.
As I looked around, I saw a former player from Bungmual and was able to get proper answers to my simple questions. It didn’t cost him anything to give me those answers. As for me, knowing those simple things helped me to enjoy those last few minutes of the match.

And do you know?
+All the planets in our solar system rotate anti-clockwise except Venus. Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.
+If you yelled for 8 years 7 months and 6 days you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.
+Honey is the only food that does not spoil.

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