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some commendable christian movies

Christian Movies

The Imposter

Christian rock's hottest band, Grand_design is heading to the top. Unfortunately, lead singer Johnny C (Kevin Max of dcTalk) is heading straight down. His wife and band mates (including Jeff Deyo, former lead singer of SONICFLOOd) find out that after singing about Jesus at concerts, he's living for himself off the stage.
Losing his family and fame sends him on a downward spiral. Stripped of all the accessories of stardom, Johnny C begins a journey back home to find out if his shattered marriage can be put back together. He's coached by his mentor Proff (played by Kerry Livgren of the band Kansas) and a crazy homeless man (Tom Wright of World Trade Center, Barbershop), but will it be enough and in time to turn his life around?
Language: English
Product Release Date: Tuesday, February 23, 2010
                                        Length/Run Time: 101 Minutes

Into His Arms

How could God let this happen?...The truth would require faith beyond their understanding
A family is shattered when seven-year-old Jennifer disappears while she and her mother, Sharla, are shopping. As the days pass, police searches and her prayers lead to nothing, Sharla struggles over how a loving God could allow evil to happen to a child — a child entrusted into His arms.

While delivering a compelling and emotional story, this film raises questions of faith without offering simplistic answers. Through it all, one biblical truth prevails . . . in the midst of chaos, God will still be present.
Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese
Product Release Date: Thursday, November 30, 2000
                                        Length/Run Time: 77 min

Left Behind: World at War

The third movie in the best-selling Left Behind series!
President Gerald Fitzhugh lives in a different world – everyone does.
A year and a half ago the world was hit with the biggest catastrophe it had ever seen. Without warning and without explanation, hundreds of millions of people simply vanished off the face of the earth. The world was in chaos like it had never been before.
Yet somehow one man seemed to rise to the challenge. One man had the strength and conviction to unite a shattered world. One man gave the world hope. That man was NICOLAE CARPATHIA. He now rules the entire world.
Fitzhugh, like most of America , whole-heartedly supports Nicolae's new global leadership, but there are those who do not. A dangerous militia movement and an underground group of born-again Christians actively, but separately, work to bring Nicolae down. Their reasons for resistance may be different, but both groups are labeled as dangerous terrorists that Fitzhugh must stop without mercy.
After an attempt on his life though, Fitzhugh begins to look closer at Nicolae and his new World Government. He forces BUCK WILLIAMS, an international journalist who has an inside track to Nicolae, to help him. Buck is a Christian and believes that Nicolae is actually the prophesied Antichrist, but Fitzhugh wants facts – not stories.
With the help of a Militia Spy, Fitzhugh uncovers the government's horrific plans for genocide and quickly he joins the very resistance he had sacrificed so much to destroy. Meanwhile thousands are infected with the government's deadly manufactured virus, including Buck's new wife CHLOE STEELE and his mentor PASTOR BRUCE BARNES.
With time running out both Fitzhugh and Buck must make the toughest decisions of their lives. Will Fitzhugh sacrifice the lives of millions to ultimately save America ? Can Buck lead Fitzhugh to the real truth about Nicolae before it's too late? And after the smoke clears: who will survive World War III?
Language: English
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
Product Release Date: Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Length/Run Time: 95 min


Never leave your partner behind!
Capt. Caleb Holt lives by the old firefighter's adage: Never leave your partner behind. Inside burning buildings, it's his natural instinct. In the cooling embers of his marriage, it's another story.

After seven years of marriage, Caleb and Catherine Holt have drifted so far apart that they are ready to move on without each other. Yet as they prepare to enter divorce proceedings, Caleb's dad asks his son to try an experiment: The Love Dare.

While hoping The Love Dare has nothing to do with his parents' newfound faith, Caleb commits to the challenge. But can he attempt to love his wife while avoiding God's love for him? Will he be able to demonstrate love over and over again to a person that's no longer receptive to his love? Or is this just another marriage destined to go up in smoke?
Fireproof is the third feature film from Sherwood Pictures and the Kendrick Brothers—the creators of Facing The Giants & Flywheel. With hope-filled storytelling, the moviemaking ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church continues touching the world from Albany, Georgia.
Fireproof has had millions of all ages laughing and crying as they are inspired by this story of perseverance and commitment.
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Product Release Date: Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Length/Run Time: 122 Minutes

The Gospel Road

One man's journey on the road to the truth.
Before you saw him Walk The Line, Johnny Cash walked The Gospel Road, telling the story of Jesus Christ as only Cash, the legendary Man in Black, could tell it!
Cash stars in, sings in, and narrates this timeless tale of faith, courage, and one man's selfless acts of kindness and charity.
Featuring original songs by Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, and Kris Kristofferson, and co-written and co-produced by Cash, The Gospel Road is his most passionate labor of love. Join country music's greatest star on an inspirational journey you'll never forget.

Language: English
Product Release Date: Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Length/Run Time: 83 minutes

The Climb

2 men. 2 goals. 1 mountain. ...Heart-stopping adventure!
2003 Crown Award Winner for Best Evangelistic Film (Gold)
2003 Crown Award Winner for Best Drama Over $250,000 (Gold)
2003 Crown Award Winner for Best Picture (Gold)
Go from heart-stopping to heart-warming and back. Two hotshot mountain climbers forge an uneasy friendship in order to reach their ultimate summit. A daring rescue just earned flamboyant Derrick Williams (Jason George, Sunset Beach), the climb of a lifetime, but his dream comes with an unwanted partner. Safety man Michael Harris (Ned Vaughn, The Beach Boys) doesn't hot dog, doesn't blaze trails and rarely takes life to the edge. Media attention forces training to take a back seat in their fire-and-ice relationship. But no amount of training can prepare them for the harsh reality of the Chilean Andes. The Climb escalates into a test of wills, character and sacrifice that pushes both men beyond limits.
Features compelling performances by Dabney Coleman (Stuart Little), Clifton Davis (Any Given Sunday), Todd Bridges (Diff'rent Strokes) and newcomer Kyli Saantiago. A World Wide Pictures release of a Billy Graham Evangelistic Association film.
Be sure to check out other great dramas from World Wide Pictures including A Vow to Cherish, The Ride, and Something to Sing About.
"A story of courage and sacrifice...This film aims high and succeeds."
- EP News
"Exciting, inspiring and always entertaining--now this is why I go the the movies!"
- The Movie Reporter
Language: English
Product Release Date: Tuesday, January 1, 2002
Length/Run Time: 99 Minutes

The Last Sin Eater

A little girl's quest for redemption uncovers a dark secret...and the truth shall set her free.
Set in 1850’s Appalachia, The Last Sin Eater is the story of ten year-old Cadi Forbes. Feeling responsible for her little sister’s death, she searches out the one man she feels can take away her sin — The Sin Eater. But in her quest for redemption, Cadi uncovers a dark secret that threatens to divide her family and community. Ultimately, Cadi realizes the truth in Jesus, reminding the community that the human condition is beyond human remedy, and only Christ provides for the absolution of sin.
Directed by Michael Landon Jr., the film is based on the best-selling novel by Francine Rivers that was awarded the ECPA Gold Medallion. Also starring in the film, Academy® Award Winner and Emmy® Nominee Louise Fletcher (Miz Elda), and two-time Golden Globe® Nominee Henry Thomas (Man of God), Soren Fulton (Fagan Kai) and Stewart Finlay-McLennan (Brogan Kai).
Francine Rivers book, The Last Sin Eater, won the 1999 Gold Medallion Book Award for fiction presented by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.
Language: English
Product Release Date: Tuesday, May 8, 2007
Length/Run Time: 1 hour 57 minutes

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