Tuesday, May 18, 2010


One day a stranger wandered through the streets of Stratford, England. As he neared the Stratford Cathedral and heard beautiful strains of music coming from the building, he made his way into the cathedral and took a seat toward the rear of the sanctuary. He was strangely attracted and enchanted by the strains of music coming from the wonderful organ.

After some time, he walked up the long aisle, climbed the steep staircase leading into the choir loft, and edged his way through the seats to take his position near the organ console. He stood there for a moment of two. Then the old organist who was seated before the console looked at him and asked, ‘What do you want?’

‘Please, sir,’ replied the stranger, ‘I should like to play your organ, I was attracted by the delightful tone of your organ and would appreciate the privilege of playing upon it.’

‘No,’ snapped the old organist. ‘This is my instrument, and no one else ever plays on it.’

But the stranger entreated. Finally the old organist slipped out from the seat before the console and thestrang er took his place. As the organist sat nearby, he heard strange combinations and tones coming from his organ. He was thrilled. After a few moments, he realized that the music being played was a composition on which he had labored long in his attempt to master it. Tears began to run down his cheeks.

Finally the stranger stopped playing and looked around at the old organist who said, ‘You must have rehearsed that number for long months to have mastered it as you have. I have been working on it for weeks and I do not feel that I have even begun to approach mastering it.’

‘Yes,’ said the stranger seated at the organ, You see, I love it. It is one of my own.’

The eyes of the old organist searched the stranger’s face. ‘Are you Mendelssohn?’ he asked in amazement.

‘Yes, that is my name,’ replied the stranger.

‘And to think that I almost denied the master the privilege of playing upon my organ,’ said the old organist.

The Master Musician is able to produce a divine and heavenly music that will enchant and thrill.....but only as the console of your life is surrendered to the Lord Jesus can he thrill and strangely draw.....to Him.

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