Saturday, August 14, 2010


My life has been simple. No fanfare, no big accomplishments. I'm not famous or rich, or beautiful. I never made a movie or sang on stage. I'm just me, A simple country girl that grew up in the south. I ran bare foot up dirt roads and through green pastures. I had Great Parents who taught me right from wrong then trusted that I would be as they raised me. I became a born again Christian when I was ten years old. God guided my Parents life and He has guided mine.

I've never had much, never wanted much. I've had friends who betrayed me but more friends that didn't. I was a skinny girl, I'm a slightly overweight lady.

I draw on my beautiful memories to get me through a bad time. Sometimes I get Very Homesick for my Childhood. My childhood was happy. I was protected from the harshness of the world but at the same time I was taught what I would need to survive in it on my own.

If you think about it life has four seasons, not only in reality but also in our bodies. Spring is when we are fresh and new, bursting forth in full bloom with rosy cheeks and dimples little pink behinds. In the spring everything is refreshed after lying dormant as we had done in our Mothers womb waiting to come alive in the world. Everything sweet smelling, lots of smiles of adoration. It's then we need protectors like a soft new blossom that must withstand the ravages of weather and trampling feet. Our Parents are our protectors. Nourishing and watching us as we grow.. The very best times were in the springtime of my life.

Summer is a bit harsher but still a time of beauty and freshness. Still tender plants must withstand the hot harshness as they learn that every one is not tolerant of fresh sweetness and new life. It is hot and sticky and our tender leafs sometimes wither and fall off by the wayside lying there in the hot dust to die. A time of learning the realities of a not so tender and green plant. A time when we must learn to rely on our selves more. We still have some protection but we are urged to let go some and face more of the hard facts with our tender faces lifted up to the sunshine sometimes to sting from the harsh rays. We are moving on through life and we are learning that not all is beautiful and sweet and tender to us. That young spring bud has burst forth in bloom and must withstand harsh realities that they never knew existed in their springtime. It is not as easy as before but they have been prepared in the spring for what must come now.

Fall is another time of learning as we prepare for the coming dormant time. We are full grown. We have withstood the harsh summer and the air becomes crisp and nippy. We sometimes droop our heads wishing to again see the fresh springtime of our lives when things were easy and beautiful, loving and tender. No more are we beautiful and young but things along the way may have caused blemishes and flaws in our appearance. We now weep more and our leaves falter and trying to regain some dignity we strive toward the sun to remain warm and lively. We don't feel the gentle touches and love that was there in our first days of spring. Yet we feel the same inside. Still feeling young and vibrant only in a mature way. Our faces are sometimes drawn and wrinkled from the harsh rays of life. Inside we feel young but we realize that winter is coming and we can't slow time. Everything has a season of slowing down and contemplating what has come before. Of looking on our past mistakes and failings and wondering why. With winter approaching faster now we feel the need to hurry and slow down at the same time. A confused feeling of anticipation, wonder, and knowing. We don't know when the dormant season will come but we are ready in our hearts. We can now relax and once again enjoy the beauty around us as our foliage brightens in to splendor to glow and preen once again. The air is once again vibrant fresh and glorious. I love fall as I reflect on my Spring. I have come almost full circle now. I am ready for my winter though I don't really want it to hurry. I still have things to do so that I can leave behind something of beauty and newness for the spring once again.

I am in my winter now. I have endured. I have survived. I have led a full life that I was prepared for in my spring. My winter may be a long hard one or a short easy one. I don't know and neither do I ask. When winter ends and spring once again burst forth I will again be in the beautiful, fresh , vibrance of a new spring. Once again I will have warm loving arms to rest in and my second spring will never end. I have reached what I have striven for all the four seasons of my life but not quiet accomplishing. I am in a New Home. All my loved ones that have also come full circle will be there once again with me in our Heavenly Home with God. We will hear God say Well Done My Faithful Servant. You have done well. Welcome home!

I will enjoy my winter and hope for a long painless one as I quietly reflect on all four of my seasons. Winter is the longest hardest season of my life but I will enjoy it.

It will be a time of contemplation. Looking back to my Spring often with the fondest of memories of those beautiful days down on a dead end road by the rail road track. Of my Mama and Daddy and my Brother and I in that wonderful house that was our home. Full of love, protection, contentment, and so many memories that flood back so sweetly and so often to me now.

God bless you all who read this. Cherish each day as if it were your very last. Not everyone has as long a life. Some only have a short time to fulfill God's purpose. Whatever season you are in now please enjoy and make the most of it.

I love you as God Loves you.

Clydene Overbey

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