Sunday, November 21, 2010


Charlotte was a Swiss woman who made the decision during World War II to work with the French Resistance.  She was aware of the risks, realizing that capture would not only mean the end of her usefulness, but would most certainly involve being tortured for information, and, if she survived that, the inevitable transport to a concentration camp.

Nonetheless, Charlotte persevered.  She served the Resistance in various capacities for four years.  Finally, she was caught.  Jailed by the Gestapo, Charlotte awaited her interrogation with great trepidation. When she was escourted into the interrogation chamber, however, Charlotte found herself in a most improbable state.  Her heart suddenly opened, and she began viewing her captors with great love!  She felt a pure radiance shining through her to the men who would surely deal viciously with her.  She said nothing, simply relaxing into that state of love.

Inexplicably, whenever her would-be tormentors would begin to question her, something odd would happen. A phone call or summons would come that would call them away, or some other outside force would stop the interrogation before it could complete its course. Even when she was put on the train for the camps, the train didn't run.  Charlotte, choosing to stay in a state of love rather than fear, even in the most violent of circumstances, thus escaped the worst of the harm that could have befallen her.

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