Saturday, January 08, 2011


When I created heaven and earth I said the words and there created heaven and earth. 

When I created man, I formed him and blow the breath of life into his nostrils. But you, woman, I decorated you after I have blown into the nostrils of man because yours are too delicate. 

I let the man fell sound asleep so that I could patiently and perfectly formed you. I have let the man fallen asleep so that he did not interfere with My works. 

I decorated you from one chosen bone. I picked the bone which gave the man a protection for his life. I picked the rib that protected and supported the heart and the lungs, the functions that exactly you must do. From this very bone I formed you perfectly and beautifully. 

You nature is that of a rib, strong but delicate and fragile. You provide a protection to the most delicate organs of the man - his heart and lungs. His heart is the center of his life, his lungs hold the breath of life. A rib will let itself be broken before it lets damage to destroy the heart. Support the man in such a way that a rib protects his body. 

You were not picked up from his leg to be stepped on, nor were you picked up from his head to be his boss. You were picked up from his side, to stand beside him and to be hugged. You are My perfect angel. You are my pretty little girl. You have grown up to be a perfect woman, and My eyes are satisfied when I see your heart. 

Your eyes -- don't ever change them. Your lips are so beautiful when used to say a prayer. Your nose is so perfect in shape. Your hands are so soft to the touch. I have given so much attention to the details of your face when you were asleep. I hold your heart close to Mine. Of all the living things that breathe, you resemble Me the most. 

Adam walked with me in a cold day and he was lonely. He could neither see nor touch Me. He could only feel My presence. All that I wanted to share with Adam I formed it inside of you. My strength, My purity, My love, My protection and My support. You are special as you are the extension of My hands. 

The man represents My image - the woman, My feelings. Together... you two represent the true GOD. 


Man - treat the woman nicely. Love her, respect her, because she is so tender. To hurt her is to hurt Me. Whatever you do to her you do it to Me. If you break her you're only breaking your own heart, your Father's heart... which is also her Father's. 

Woman - support the man. In modesty, show him the strength of your feelings that I have given to you. In solitude, show him your strength. In love, show him that you indeed are his protective rib. 

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