Wednesday, May 18, 2011


A man was walking down a road next to a tall glistening white wall. Beside him walked his favorite dog who he realized with a start had been dead for several years. He realized that he must be dead also.

With a shrug of his shoulders he set off down the path with a hand on his dog's head. A little down the road he saw a beautiful pearl gate that glistened in the sunlight. Standing next to it was a beautiful man. When he got to the gate he asked where the gates lead to. The man replied "Heaven."

He asked if he could come in and get a drink for himself and his dog because the day was very warm. The beautiful man replied that he could, but dogs were not allowed into Heaven. The man smiled, patted his dog and turned away from the gates to continue down the path.

After a little while he came to a much shabbier gate that was in much need of attention. Beside it stood a somewhat dirty farmer. Again the man asked where the gate lead to, and again he was told "Heaven".

He then asked for a drink for him and his dog, and the man gladly gave him a cup and a bowl. After he filled the bowl, and drank his cup from the fountain inside he asked the man if he knew that the other gatekeeper was claiming that the other gate also led to Heaven.

The farmer said "Yes, but that was Hell." A bit confused, the man asked if that upset the armer. "No," he said giving the dog a pat, "They help us weed out the ones who would leave their best friends behind."

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