Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Never let the regrets of yesterday destroy the hopes of tomorrow. God can turn the most hopeless of a situation into the most beautiful dream.

Learn to appreciate what you have, before time forces you to appreciate what you have.

A friend is there before you know it,
To lend a hand before you ask it,
To give love before you need it,
And there you were before I know it!

God graciously directs our paths. The One who placed us on the path is the One who steadies our steps upon it.

God has blessed you with two hands: one for yourself and the other for helping others. Make good use of them || Huithiang

Prayer is not an extra option nor a last resort when all other methods have failed. When man works, man works. But when man prays, God works.

Live without depending,
Love without pretending,
Speak without offending,
Listen without defending,
Give without remembering.

Laughter adds richness, texture and color to otherwise ordinary days. It’s a gift, a choice, a discipline and an art || Tim Hansel

In the busyness of life, find the time to be still, and in the quietness of the moment, listen and heed the voice of your heart || Huithiang

Life is not about how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and get back up || Rocky V

When you get frustrated,
Remind yourself everyone needs compassion,
Everyone needs forgiveness,
And everyone deserves grace!

Be careful of the words you say and keep them soft and sweet for you never know from day to day which ones you have to eat || Unknown

The perils of life often spin webs of pain and confusion resulting in deprivation in your life. God can replenish your life with His power!

If times are hard and you find yourself battling wearily, keep on believing, keep on dreaming, until the times are better and you find yourself smiling again || Huithiang

When life knocks you on your knees, you’re in the perfect position to pray.

What is, is.
What isn’t, isn’t.
You become so obsessed with what isn’t,
That you missed what is || Unknown

The secret of contentment is knowing how to enjoy what you have, and to be able to lose all desire for things beyond your reach.

When God want to smile at us He gives us sunlight.
When He wants to wink He throws out stars.
Moonlight shines when He is hugging us.

Sometimes it would seem what you’ve done for God did not work. But think again, may be it did work. Just not the way that you wanted it to!

Life stops if we stop dreaming.
Love ends if we stop caring.
Hope ends if we stop believing.

Trust in His timing,
Rely on His promises,
Wait on His answers,
Believe in His miracles,
Rejoice in His goodness,
Relax in His care.

God uses weakness to reveal His great sufficiency,
So if we let Him work through us, His power we will see.

We can plant seeds of impatience, fear and frustration, or of love, contentment, and faith. It’s all in the choices we make.

Don’t carry mistakes with you, their weight can crush you. Place them under your feet and use them as stepping stones to build your future || Huithiang

We learn something from everyone who passes through our lives. Some of the lessons are painful, some are painless. But all are priceless….

Sometimes tears are more special than a smile, because a smile is for everyone but tears are for someone special.

Never think of giving up…
If you are willing to try the possible…
God will help you through the impossible.
Keep the faith!

Trials keep you praying,
Failures keep you hoping,
Happiness keeps you smiling,
Love keeps you blooming,
And only God keeps you going.

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  1. Beautiful & very inspiring quotes...love them all