Friday, May 04, 2012


You cannot appreciate the strength of the anchor 
until you go through the storm.

Never underestimate yourself or what God can do in your life, 
because professionals built the Titanic, but amateurs built the ark.

Prayer without faith is only wishful thinking || Connie Pryor

No pit is so deep, that God's love is not deeper still || Corrie Ten Boom

Life has its own path for you. The bumps are to test your faith 
if you are going trip over them.

When life gets too hard to stand...k-n-e-e-l

The winning horse doesn't know why it runs a race.
It runs because of the whip and pain.
Life is a race; just so, if we are in pain, 
then clearly...God wants us to win.

When you pray, it’s better to have a heart without words, 
than words without heart.

When God forgives, it’s time to forget!

Keep looking up, for He is always looking down.

Prayer is the answer, no matter what the question.

With Christ, you will never walk alone.
Not taking a moment to repent can cause you eternity in hell || Angela Davis

Freedom isn’t the absence of weakness 
but it is Christ living through us.
Even when the answer is no, He makes sure 
we won’t be disappointed.
Let us all commit our lives to Christ Jesus 
because there is no Healer like Him, 
no Problem Solver like Him, 
and no burden that He cannot bear. 
Have faith in Him. He will never let you down. 

God will never leave your side. 
He will always be with you by yours, 
or waiting for you by His.

Jesus will always be there to replenish 
my thoughts and knowledge about the 
complexity of His love and blessings.

Prayer is my escape from life on earth, 
and my entrance into life with God.
Praise God for all the times He told you “No”. 
Every time He tells you “No”, 
He’s leading you to a better “Yes”.

You can come to a point where 
you have to change your life 
or get out of the Word because it’s painful; 
to live in the Word, you have to change your life 
and surrender it to God.
Anything we’re hanging onto besides God 
is hanging on by a thread.
If our awesome God is already in our tomorrows, 
can we not trust Him with every today? || Glenn Davies 
There is no promise that life won’t rain on your parade, 
but there is a promise that there will be a rainbow afterwards.

With one tiny step of faith by man and one giant leap of grace by God, man and God are reconciled.

Be thankful for everything, your worst day on earth 
is better than any day in hell.

A sword is only as good as its edge,
the sharper the edge the better for battle. 
The study of the Word of God is to hone and sharpen 
the Sword of God that is used in our warfare against 
the unseen sinful forces of the world.
Life with God is like a big birthday party, 
you'll never know what's inside the gifts 
unless you open them.

God’s will doesn’t say we’ll have all we want.
He promises what we have will be all we’ll need.

God does not prepare a place for us
until He’s prepared us for the place.

The best a man can do is award,
Only God can truly reward.
Our reward is in the Lord!

Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil 
- it has no point.

God never gives us more than we can handle, 
He just pushes our limits so that we can handle 
the blessing that He has in store for us.

Life is great when you love what you do! 
Take risks every once in a while. 
Or just do something, 
not knowing fully what will happen, 
trusting in God that He will make a 
good thing in the end. 
And after you've tried everything else, 
if you do just that, you will have found 
in the first place that what you really wanted 
is something that can only be obtained 
by not relying on yourself.
It's not doing the things we like to do, 
but liking the things we have to do, 
that makes life blessed || J.W. von Goethe
Finding faith is as easy as losing it, 
just as long you are looking for it.
When times are hard and you can not see the light, 
remember what He said. Walk by faith, not by sight.

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