Thursday, May 17, 2012


Almost everyone feels stressed these days. It's a global epidemic. The American Medical Association reports that at least 60 percent of all illness can trace its roots to the negative effects of stress. Stress-related illness is also on the rise in the workplace, with workers' compensation claims at an all-time high.

In a unique first-of-its-kind collaboration, Chicken Soup for the Soul Health and top doctors at Harvard Medical School have combined the healing and therapeutic power of storytelling with practical medical advice in a new series of books. One of the first in the series is Chicken Soup for the Soul: Say Goodbye to Stress in which Harvard Medical School's Dr. Jeff Brown provides readers with inspiration and a clear path to reducing stress in their lives, using examples from Chicken Soup for the Soul stories and from his clinical practice.

Jeff Brown, Psy D, ABPP, is an instructor at Harvard Medical School and has provided expert commentary on psychology topics to numerous media outlets, including The New York Times, ESPN, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, Woman's Day magazine, FOX News, Family Circle, Boston Magazine and His expertise in cognitive-behavioral therapy has generated insights about stress-related illnesses and how they can affect individuals, families and the workplace.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Health is an imprint of Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing, LLC, the publisher of all the latest titles in the famous Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, which are distributed through Simon & Schuster, Inc. Since 1993, books in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series have sold over 112 million copies, with titles translated into over 40 languages. Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing also licenses the right to use its famous trademark to high quality licensees. The company is currently implementing a plan to expand into all media, is working with TV networks on several TV shows and is developing a major Internet presence dedicated to life improvement, emotional support, inspiration and wellness. In 2007, USA Today named Chicken Soup for the Soul one of the five most memorable and impactful books in the last quarter century. For more information visit:

Harvard Health Publications (HHP) is the media and publishing division of the Harvard Medical School of Harvard University. The goal of its publications is to bring people around the world the most current health information that is authoritative, trustworthy, and accessible. HHP has been publishing award-winning consumer health books since 1996. HHP books are cutting-edge resources for intelligent consumers. The books are penned by Harvard Medical School faculty members, often working with professional writers. HHP authors are internationally renowned for their clinical work and research and have extensive, high-credibility platforms.

ISBN-13: 9781935096887
Publisher: Chicken Soup for the Soul
Publication/releasing date: 22 May, 2012
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 224
Series: Chicken Soup for the Soul Series
Product dimensions: 5.05 (w) x 7.76 (h) x 0.58 (d)

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