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I had a preconceived idea about the faith of others. In the deepest corridors of my mind, I have learned to segregate adherents of other faiths. I had a “touch-them-not” attitude, and as a former worker in an area dominated by adherents of the Buddhist faith, it was always about converting them. But that was before Bold as Love came along.

Not a voluminous work - only 208 pages - including the covers, Dr. Roberts takes you on a journey of self discovery and understanding, and demonstrated the way to a critical dialogue in a radical yet loving way through the eight chapters of the book. Dr. Roberts points out that faith isn’t simply made to be lived in isolation but something you do face-to-face, heart-to-heart and hand-to-hand. He writes, "The strength of a religion or faith is not what it is when left alone but what it is when challenged. Hard times make for strong faith, deep learning, and moving closer to God."

Starting with Boldly Loving All My Neighbors, all the chapters in the book are an engaging read, and reflective if one is willing to learn. One can safely conclude that all the chapters are boldly written to engage and enrage, to captivate and cultivate, and to arouse and inspire readers to a life of transformational faith – a faith that dares to love.

It may be pertinent to note that the main thrust of the book is to point readers to answer the call to radically love others the way God loves. Dr. Robert says, “We are commanded to love God and love others. And sometimes that requires risky boldness.” He says that the world can be transformed if we reach out and love the world the way God does and calls us to.

It is difficult to predict the place this book will occupy among the thousands of Christian best-sellers, but one thing is certain: it will transform lives!

Length: 208 Pages
Publication Date: December 4, 2012
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN-10 : 1400204208
ISBN-13: 9781400204205
Price: $16.99
Format: Paperback

Thomas Nelson
Barnes & Noble

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Bob Roberts Jr. is the founder and Senior Pastor of NorthWood Church. Through his leadership, NorthWood has planted 130 churches in the US. Bob is an international speaker and thinker in transforming people, churches, communities and the world. He has led NorthWood and other churches to provide international development projects which include building schools, clinics and hospitals, micro-businesses, water systems and exchange student programs. He frequently teaches courses on church planting, church growth, church multiplication, community transformation and international development at seminaries and universities around the globe. Bob is a graduate of Baylor University (BA), Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div), and Fuller Seminary (D.Min). Bob is married to Niki and they have two children, Ben and Jill.

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