Thursday, March 04, 2010

farewell speech

Class Of ‘10
By Nadine Khawllemhoi

Respected Principal Sir Vunga, Ma’m Shanti, Sir Muanno, beloved teachers, friends and fellows, it is an honour to speak to all of you today.

Today is a day that comes only once in a life time. Many of us spent the best parts of our growing years here. And when we walk out of the gates of this wonderful school, we will be leaving behind the safety and security that we all felt inside this campus for the uncertainty and adventure of the rest of our lives. It is like a look at the clear night sky. You can see beautiful sparkling stars hanging in the clear sky above you but the moment you try to focus on a particular star, your eyes become blurred and you are lost in the vast sky. Until today I never thought that school life would be a bit like solving a jigsaw puzzle. It’s full of pictures jumbled together all of which together make up your life, so far. There are the images of your growing years with your family and friends. Then there are the pictures of your student activities, the classmates you met and, finally, the wonderful and exciting prospect of going to college soon.  The pictures of the future are very vague because, of course, none of us knows what the future holds. But unless you put together all the pieces, you cannot complete the puzzle. And we must complete the puzzle.

As I stand here today, we have the feel-good factor that comes from knowing that we have done our best. We didn’t do it alone. All along the way we had the wonderful support, encouragement and help of our dedicated teachers. It’s likely that some of us took this for granted as only our due. However, we recognize that without their selfless and untiring efforts, we would not have come to this stage. So today I know my fellow students would like to join me in saying how much we appreciate all our teachers who have helped make this day possible. To Sir Vunga, Ma’m Shanti, and Sir Muanno, thank you so much for your love, concern, care and affection. All these years, you have been like a father and mother to each one of us. We owe you a huge debt of gratitude. And thank you very, very much!

From now on we will be taking our talents and beliefs, and all the things that we learnt here with us wherever we go .If we have learned anything it is that we have to be true to ourselves, be adaptable, to be honest and sincere, and to go about our ways with purpose and single-mindedness of pursuit. To be ready  to take chances and go different routes. These days we have to be ready to constantly update our knowledge, add to our skills and be ready to cope with change.

That’s the challenge before us and it is one that we will all meet in our different ways. Some of us will want to stay at home, and continue our studies in the numerous colleges here. But some of us would love to travel somewhere else, and learn from other people as well. And eventually, when we wind up our studies, some will like to work alone while others will want to work in a partnership. Whatever we do or wherever we go we won’t forget today. Hopefully in years to come we will meet up with our friends again at a re-union here in the school. But whatever life brings, let us uphold the prestige and high standard of our school which has taught us a great deal. All that we are and will be is because of this school which we call “our school”.

While the role of the school in shaping our young lives is unquestionably crucial, the part played by our families is unrivaled. We are so thankful to our families for the support and love they have given us all along. These past many years have presented us with a lot of ups and downs and it is good to know that we had our families in our corner, supporting us along the way. Thanks mom and dad. I would not be here today without you.
Finally, on a more personal note, I would like to thank my class fellows for their friendship and love. All along, they have helped and supported me. I am overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude and thankfulness. I would like to wish them success, health and happiness in the future. I have the satisfaction of knowing that whatever they do, they will do it well. When I first came here as a Class V student, they went out of their way to make me feel at home. I had joined the school after the summer vacation. My first day in the school was not easy.  My dad dropped me and I cried so much. I could not continue my studies here. I went back to Arunachal Pradesh. After a break of two and half years I joined again as a Class VIII student as my entire family had to be relocated when my mother’s condition worsened. The school took me in, I was absorbed and for the past two and half years, I enjoyed school life like never before all because of my dear friends. And I know, that though my mother may no longer be here in person, she would be very proud of seeing me standing here, speaking to you, and all that I achieved as a student of Lalpuithluaii Foundation School. And I know, she would be very grateful to all of you for the support you had given me and my father and sisters as we went through a very difficult period. May God bless each and every one of you! I am eternally grateful! And to all the teachers, my family is indebted to you!

In fine, today we are getting ready, to take one more step to find our place in the world. It’s a step that will take us all in different directions. But before we do that, let us all remember the good turns that we have done to each other – you for being there when I needed you and I for being there when you needed me. Let us be all grateful to God for having each other. Let us be proud of our school! And however, painful it may be, dear friends, I don’t know how, where, why or when, but it is goodbye until we meet again. And to paraphrase William Shakespeare, if we do meet again, why, we shall smile and laugh and celebrate, but if not, it is goodbye!

And before I take leave, we would like to give small humble gifts to all the dear people here in the school as a token of our love, affection and gratitude. These gifts are small, and in fact, do not cost much. In no way do they measure up to the amount of efforts our Principal and teachers have put in to make us what we are. Yet, in our own humble way, we would like to show our appreciation. And I would like to request them to come and receive these humble gifts in the order I call their names:

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