Friday, August 20, 2010


I was walking from my office one day and saw a man sitting on bench!

As I got closer to him I noticed he smelt horrible!

His clothes were dirty and they had holes all in them! I saw a man of much poverty! I saw a man of hunger!

I looked at him and he looked at me! Our eyes locked and as soon as I noticed eye contact I looked away quickly praying that he would not ask me for anything!
As I continued to walk down the road, I saw a Mother with two little boys.

I noticed that one of the children was bouncing a ball then the other child ran to catch the ball

What I saw next was a nightmare before my very own eyes!

The other boy charged to get the ball! He was so excited showing off that he was not paying attention to his surroundings!

As he turned around to get his footing to catch the ball, he saw the the bus, the bus ran right over him!

Nothing was left of that little boy, not even a breath to say goodbye!

I began to freak out, frantically I screamed!

I ran to the limp lifeless child seeing that he had passed on, I knew that I had to help his Mother and brother!

As I wiped the little boy’s blood off my hands, I paused and said a silent prayer asking God to help this family who was just robbed of a loved one!

The mother tried to run to her child but I stopped her and begged her not to go! I told her that he had gone home!

The mother collapsed in my arms! The emergency personnel came and saddened as I was I prayed for the family and went to my home!

Two or three weeks went by and I could hardly sleep or eat!

I would beg God for comfort but yet I could find none! I prayed desperately to God, begging him to help the grieving family!

One day I laid down and I guess out of pure exhaustion I fell asleep! I began to dream of the accident!

The dream kept playing over and over in my head! I could remember the dream as if it was happening all over again!

But something I could not understand that was in the dream:

The old man that sat on that bench kept appearing in the dream and as the dream would play over and over he would be there too, sitting lonely and quietly on the bench!

I awoke screaming and terrified of the nightmare! I got myself together and began to pray to God to please let this memory dissipate! This is when the mighty Lord spoke and said:

My child you have asked me to let this memory from your thoughts go away but yet you do not realize what I am showing you!

That man that will not leave your thoughts or your dreams was in the same situation as the little boy who died that same day!

But yet you walked away from him! Insulted by his smell and frightened at his look!

This man had no friend or fow, no food to eat, but yet the saddest thing was, the Lord spoke boldly:

You sold my unconditional love away!

Both needed my love but yet you ran to the obvious and left the unknown alone! Death of loneliness was upon that little old man!

Later that day he committed suicide but yet no one cared to run to him because of his condition!

He died lonely, buried in an unknown grave.

No one could find his loved one's until the day the mother of his children read the paper and saw his picture and realized that very day she lost her son and her husband in a very bad way!

The Lord went onto say:

The saddest thing is you sold my unconditional love away, both needed my love but yet you put conditions on my love and ran to the obvious and left the unknown poor alone!

Though my words are harsh and my wrath is great my love is sufficient and I forgive you now go and find your way!


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