Friday, January 07, 2011


One day, God promises to visit a woman’s house. This woman is so glad and happy. She prepares everything to welcomes God. She cleans her courtyard and arranges the home furnishing. Make them look good and clean. After she settled everything, she sits and waits for God. Suddenly someone knocks the door. This woman rushes out and opens the door. There’s a beggar standing in front of her house. Please, not today. Don’t disturb me. I’m waiting for God to visit me! She rejects the beggar and closes the door. 

While after that, someone knocked the door again, this woman straight goes to open the door. But guess whom she met? Just an old poor man asking for help. 

I’m sorry, I can’t help you today. I’m waiting for God!” this woman replied and bangs the door. Just as she closed the door, someone knocked again. Once more time, this woman opens it. A beggar with dirty clothes that looks very hungry asking for food and shelter for his exhausted body. 

Oh, I can’t. I’m waiting for God. I can’t give you bread or place for shelter! The beggar walks away. This woman keeps waiting for God. Hours passed by, day turn into noon. There’s no alert of Gods’ present. This women disheartened and wondering herse lf Where is God that has promised to visit me? 

Finally, she fall a sleep and dreams. God appeared to her and said, I’ve visited you for 3 times and you’ve rejected me 3 times either.

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