Friday, January 07, 2011


What does GOD mean to a drunker? I have just realized it by the last two weeks ago. I had a game competition with a friend of mine we played table tennis. In his team, he is the second player, for I am the first player in my team. The chill weather of Armidale didn't impact the game at the moment. I beaten my friend, Mike, easily in the first set, but suddenly he rose again in his spirit in the next set, and it made that we had to have a third set...and at the last moment, the ball from Mike was too hard for me to catch...and at that time, Mike screamed out "God loves me!!"

I loose the match. And Mike smiled to me and said, "God loves me!" After that, I came to Mike. He easily said "There's a popular song, God loves puppies, children and drinkers. " And all that I know is Mike is a drunker also, and he continuing his words " I drank two glass of wine before this match. " 

I was surprised. Not just because I smelled the wine from him, or not just because I was hardly accept the fact that a drunker able to beat me easily, but because I was shocked by his word "God loves me!" How could God love a drunker? 

The next match, explain my surprise feeling. In the double match, Mike and his partner had to loose the game. At that time, I heard that once more Mike screamed out, but for now his words all are full with bad words, for he is so mad about his loosing in the game. He didn't mention again God's love in his words. Maybe that's just all the meaning of God for a drunker, just like Mike. When he gets something good, he thanked to God, but at the next moment when something bad came to him, God is forgotten. 

Then, it came to my mind, maybe that's how the way we believe in God just like Mike thanking to God. We praise Him when we want to praise Him, and we easily forgotten Him any time we wish. Hemm..and then it seems, the tittle above should be replace to "What does God mean for us?" Will we be able to keep remembering God in sad and good times? So..I can realize that I was not only loose the match from Mike, the drunker, but I also learn to seek what God means for me because of Mike.. 

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