Wednesday, June 01, 2011


We do not always know what God is doing, but we must rest assured in the fact that He's working - working for our good || Huithiang

We all have our own dreams to pursue, a life to weave, and we all have the power to make it come true, as long as we believe || Huithiang

If roses can bloom in the midst of thorns, you too can survive the seemingly heartaches and disappointments of life || Huithiang

To love someone is to give that person the power to control your life, either for good or bad - but trusting that it will be for the best || Huithiang

Sadness may fly away on the wings of time but memory has a way of bringing it back into your life. Don't let it seize control of your life. Deal with your emotion immediately, but softly and tenderly || Huithiang

Don't let the nasty blows of life take away the spirit of love and kindness inside your heart. Grow with the obstacles and don't let it harden your heart || Huithiang

Dream without limits,
Love without reservation,
Give without expectation,
Remember without regrets,
Live without guilt || Huithiang

What matters most in life is not what happens to you and how you deal with it but what you give and take from life || Huithiang

God is never early. But He is also never late. He is always on time, no what when, where, why and how || Huithiang

Don't shout and scream for God to hear you; He is not deaf and nearer to us than we think || Huithiang

What other people think is only what other people think. What you think of yourself is what really matters. Value yourself || Huithiang

Make your life better. It's entirely upto you. Who else would know what you want or need but you? || Huithiang

Release your fear, doubt and brokenness. Embrace your courage, faith and wholeness. God has great things in place for you || Huithiang

Disappointment is not your final destination. It is only the junction. Choose wisely and you can move on from there || Huithiang

It may look hopeless,
It may feel frustrating,
but remember this -
All things are possible!
May not be in your timing but right on God's time || Huithiang

You may have been broken, time without numbers, but you will never be defeated -  the anchor holds || Huithiang

Sometimes God takes away something from you to make you realize He's everything to you || Huithiang

Only when you look through the eyes of gratefulness will you recognize and see the blessings of God || Huithiang

To love someone is to find happiness.
To have someone to love is a blessing.
And to be loved is to find life's meaning.
|| Huithiang

No one is good,
No one is beautiful,
And no one is perfect...
but only until you fall in love || Huithiang

If you learn to grow along with the flow of life with a heart full of gratitude, heaven's blessings will be yours. Remember, God's writing the song and all you need to do is to just dance to the tune of it || Huithiang

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