Tuesday, June 14, 2011


There was a bare-footed big-city drifter named George. He had wild hair and was wearing tattered pants and an over-sized, food-stained t-shirt ...

One Sunday morning, as he ambled past a big, beautiful Church in the heart of the city, he decided to go in. The Church was full, and the sermon was about to begin.

George found no seat, and no one moved to try to make room for him. And so, having walked all the way to the front without finding a seat, he squatted down on the floor, in front of the pulpit. The people were incredulous, but did nothing. Then, the preacher noticed the Churchs elderly Deacon slowly making his way down the aisle toward George. There was a certain elegance about the well-dressed Deacon and, even though he was walking with a cane, he had a confident, authoritative air about him.

Everyone was saying to themselves, more or less, You cant blame that elderly model of correctness for what hes going to do, or say, to that impudent, irreverent young man!

It took a while for the old Deacon to reach the young man, and the Church was in breathless silence other than the click of the old mans cane. The Deacon arrived at Georges spot and dropped his cane to the floor. Then, with great difficulty, he lowered himself to sit on the floor next to George, guaranteeing that for the rest of the service George would not sit alone.

Everyone was choked up with emotion. And when the preacher finally gained control, he said, What Im about to preach you may never remember. But what you have just seen, you will never forget.

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