Thursday, June 16, 2011


A serviceman once wrote about a moment of comedy he had witnessed in the army.

It happened during a company inspection at the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama. The inspection was being conducted by a full colonel. Everything had gone smoothly until the officer came to a certain soldier, looked him up and down and snapped, "Button that pocket, trooper!"

The soldier, more than a little rattled, stammered, "Right now, sir?" "Of course, right now!" was the reply. Whereupon the soldier very carefully reached out and buttoned the flap on the colonel's shirt pocket.

The officer had been quick to note the youngster's uniform problem, but hadn't noticed his own. For some reason, we seem to be the same way. The faults of others stick out like a missing tooth, while our own are often hard to spot. Small specks in other people seem major, while the planks in our own eye seem excusable (Matt 7:1-5).

Let's quit dwelling on the faults of others all the time. The church needs builders and workers-not a wrecking crew. Work on your own faults, then seek to help others in a spirit of gentleness.

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