Friday, July 15, 2011


This is an intriguing short love story, but with powerful message.

Once there was a blind girl who was hated by everyone because of her pathetic condition, except one person. They became so close, and loved each other so much.

One day, the blind girl said, "If I have eyes, then I could marry you. But now, I am blind and would be of no use to you."

Some days later, it so happened that some anonymous person donated an eye. The operation was successful. The girl was excited at the prospect of seeing her boyfriend for the first time and could hardly wait for the day when the doctors will remove her eye coverings.

The big day finally arrived. With a burst of excitement she open her eyes and almost flung herself at her boyfriend. But her excitement was short-lived. She was shocked by what she saw.

Standing in front of her was a blind young man who could have been very handsome if he had eyesight. She was bitterly disappointed.

Breaking the silence, the young man finally spoke, "Now that you have eyes, will you marry me?"

The young girl could not muster enough courage to reply. The young man repeated, "A long time ago, you were without sight. You were helpless. I was the only one who cared for you. You said you'll marry me if you have eyes. Now that you have been blessed with the gift of sight, will you marry me?"

The girl who had made up her mind by then answered, "No! I cannot marry you. You are blind."

Though disappointed, the young man began to walk away slowly, and in a soft voice said, "Please, take good care of my eyes!"

Will you walk away from Jesus if it comes to seeing His scars because of the price He paid to save you? If it comes to suffering for His sake, would you still cling onto the Rock of your life? Will you like the nine lepers just walked away and forget everything that He had done for you? When the true test of your love comes, will you just walk away too?

How deep is your love?

As retold by huithiang!

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