Sunday, February 05, 2012


Intentionally say an extra “Thank you” to someone today.

The Lord promises to flourish the righteous - especially in old age!

Loneliness comes to all of us. Remember that God sees you, and He will provide.

Jesus is preparing a place for us, and He will return to take us there!

Each of us, whether married or single, has a calling to fulfill God’s purpose without distraction.

If you’re single, God wants you to accept it as one of His gifts to you. Use this time to grow!

Try calling someone today who has impacted your life and thank them!

No one is perfect. But Christ loves imperfect people and calls us to have the same love.

If your world falls apart at the seams, God’s love can be the mending thread.

In times of illness, loneliness, or low spirits, seek God in His Word and rest in His promises.

No problem escapes the attention of the God who heals and delivers us now and for eternity.

Lift the spirits of a discouraged brother or sister today with a tangible act of kindness.

A note of thanks or gratitude is often kept for years. Why not write one to someone right now?

God will never disappoint us - His love never fails.

Because God’s eyes are always open, our character needs to be constant before Him.

The next time you experience a problem, pray for perspective and embrace what God reveals.

Our job as Christians is to never lose sight of God’s calling.

Jesus is standing beside you - you are not alone today.

If we have faith that God knows the future then fear will be absent.

Choose peace, for vengeance belongs to the Lord.

Think of some ways you can pour God’s love into those around you.

The promises of God toward Israel cannot be renegotiated at the political bargaining table.

God’s strong arm of faithfulness is enough to help you withstand any crisis.

Why do we let our fears bully us into not sharing our faith?

Because Christ has risen, we will follow Him out of the grave to an eternal day.

No world leader makes a move outside the sovereign permission of God.

Step outside and gaze heavenward. It will put your life in perspective.

If we’re going to be ridiculed, let it be for turning the world upside down with the Gospel.

Nothing is more dangerous than wandering thoughtlessly down the path of marginalizing the Bible.

In your reading, are you discovering truth? Or are you conforming to the Truth?

Take a moment today to thank God for the Day of the Cross and your redemption from sin.

Jesus called the Church to be salt in the world, to preserve goodness and create a thirst for God.

God alone is our moral compass, and the Bible gives us the true directions for life.

Ask yourself: “How can I serve my husband today? How can I affirm my wife?

Follow God’s plan and keep marriage honorable among all.

Read your Bible every day. Teach it to your children. Don’t depend on others to do it.

Jesus Christ makes our eternal fellowship with God possible.

Who do you say Jesus is? It is wiser to accept reality than to deny it.

We must use the weapons God has given us. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

We have a God who rides above the storms.

Despite the bluster of the atheists, Christianity is growing by leaps and bounds.

Perhaps God will reach down and convert some strident anti-Christian voice today.

God is the Creator who never relinquishes control of this world to human or spiritual beings.

Clear, concise teaching of God’s Word is the greatest motivational technique God gave His people.

For renewal to take place, we have only to study God’s Word and let it work in our lives.

Look for ways to make restitution or amends for any wrongs you have done.

Is there any buildup of spiritual plaque in your heart?

Let’s be students of past revivals - and instruments for one in our own day.

When God brings revival, He starts cleaning out the rubbish in our lives.

Nothing except a return to Scripture can arouse a nation, a church, or an individual back to God.

Faith is being fully persuaded God has the power to do what He has said.

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