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Dr. David Jeremiah, founder of Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries and senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church, felt God’s calling on his life at a very early age. Born February 13, 1941 in Toledo, Ohio, Dr. Jeremiah was raised in a family deeply committed to ministry. At the age of eleven, Dr. Jeremiah and his family moved to Dayton, Ohio where his father, Dr. James T. Jeremiah, was the Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church, and in 1953 became the President of Cedarville College in Cedarville, Ohio.
As Dr. Jeremiah was sensitive to God’s leading in his life, he followed in his father’s footsteps. In 1963, Dr. Jeremiah received a Bachelor of Arts from Cedarville College. In that same year, Dr. Jeremiah married his college sweetheart, Donna Thompson who also was attending Cedarville College as a business major. He went on to earn a Masters degree in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1967. He completed additional graduate work at Grace University and was granted the Doctor of Divinity degree from Cedarville College in 1981.

In 1969, Dr. Jeremiah began Blackhawk Baptist Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and developed a Christian school grades K through 12. In the 12 years he served as pastor, Blackhawk Baptist Church grew from 7 families to 1300 members. He also launched The Bible Hour television program.

Dr. Jeremiah heeded God’s call, and in 1981 he and his family moved to California where he became the senior pastor of Scott Memorial Baptist Church, now Shadow Mountain Community Church.

Shadow Mountain Community Church is one of the largest churches in San Diego County. It is also the home of Southern California Seminary and Christian Unified Schools.

As Dr. Jeremiah began his ministry at Shadow Mountain, he felt God’s calling to continue the broadcast ministry he started in Fort Wayne. In 1982, Turning Point Ministries became a reality.

Today, Turning Point's 30-minute radio program is heard nationally and internationally on over 1800 stations and translator/satellators. In recognition of Dr. Jeremiah’s commitment to teaching the Word of God, he received the Broadcaster of the Year Award in 1999 from the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), in August 2002, received the Award of Merit from the Western Chapter of National Religious Broadcasters for Excellence in Broadcasting and Faithfulness in Service, and in 2006 Turning Point received the Best Radio Teaching Program Award. Dr. Jeremiah has served on the Board of Directors for the NRB since 1996.

Turning Point launched a television program in 1982 in San Diego and went nationwide in 2000. Now seen around the world through cable and satellite technology, as well as on terrestrial stations all across the United States, conservative estimates suggest that close to 200 million homes around the world have access to Dr. Jeremiah's Bible teaching each week. Turning Point Television offers a half-hour Bible study message and a full hour worship service with the same great preaching. Carried on several national and international networks such as TBN, ION, and INSP, Turning Point Television has most recently been added to Middle East TV Network.

Dr. Jeremiah is a sought-after conference speaker for organizations around the country. He frequently speaks at Cedarville College, Dallas Theological Seminary, Moody Bible Institute, Billy Graham Training Center, Phil Waldrep’s Senior Adult Celebrations and numerous NFL, NBA and Baseball chapels.

Along with his speaking schedule around the country, Dr. Jeremiah also finds time to fulfill another passion in his life, writing. His books are always gripping and right to the point. Some of his books include Escape the Coming Night,The Power of Encouragement, What the Bible Says About Angels, Prayer The Great Adventure, which brought him The Gold Medallion Award in 1998, God In You, Gifts from God, Jesus' Final Warning, A Bend in the Road, Slaying the Giants in Your Life, My Heart’s Desire which gave him another Gold Medallion Award in 2003, Sanctuary, his first daily devotional book, The Things that Matter, The Prayer Matrix, Searching for Heaven on Earth, a book that he co-authored with world renown artist, Thomas Kinkade, The Secret of the Light, a second devotional book, Turning Points, Captured by Grace, which put Dr. Jeremiah on the best-sellers list for USA Today and The Wall Street Journal,Signs of Life, which made The New York Times best-seller list, What in the World Is Going On?, which made The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today best-seller lists, The 12 Ways of Christmas, Living With Confidence in a Chaotic World, which made The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Publisher's Weekly, and USA Today best-seller lists, The Coming Economic Armageddon, which made The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today,and Publisher's Weekly best-seller lists, and his most recent book, I Never Thought I'd See the Day! Culture at the Crossroads.

A dedicated family man, Dr. Jeremiah believes that without the support and encouragement of his wife, Donna, Turning Point would have never been brought into existence. He and Donna have four grown children and eleven grandchildren.

Dr. Jeremiah’s commitment is to teaching the whole Word of God. His passion for people and his desire to reach the lost are evident in the way he communicates Bible truths and his ability to get right to the important issues. Dr. Jeremiah continues to be excited to see what God is going to do in broadcast ministry around the world through the ministries of Turning Point. Source:

Here's a collection of some inspiring quotes from the heart of this man of God:

Friendship is a sure antidote to a lonely soul. Be cheerful medicine to someone today.

Fatigue makes us vulnerable to discouragement. Spend time in the Word and get a good night’s sleep!

When you’re frustrated with life’s circumstances and are tempted to quit--go to the Word.

Don’t be trapped by guilt and fear. The blood of Jesus washes us clean from sin.

The Lord doesn’t want us to live in chronic fear.

Are you scared of the future? Walk by faith. God promises to never leave you.

Take the faith step with your eyes open, and say, “Okay, God! I will do what You say!”

Our faith is like a pearl of great price: it costs all we have but makes us eternally richer.

If we try to control our money on our own, we do not trust Him as we should.

Gather others to Jesus through your life and your testimony about Him.

When you open your hand to give, grace is able to fill your empty hand with what you need, and more.

As God’s stewards, we are entrusted with seeds to sow. And as we sow, so shall we reap.

The principle of the harvest is true. We reap according to what we have sown.

Do the most for God; stay sensitive to the needs of the “least of these.”

Resolve to stay intimately involved with what God gives you and what you give back to Him.

Take stock of your investments. Make sure you are investing for eternity.

Put your confidence in the Lord. He will provide all your needs in His timing.

Travel light! De-clutter your life and find joy in the simple things God gives.

We are unshaken! God’s everlasting arms sustain us through every storm.

Is Jesus Lord of your finances? Be faithful in advancing the cause of Christ.

Don’t go spiritually hungry! Resolve to be a gleaner of the Word of God in 2012.

Release control. Open your hands. God has incredible gifts to give you!

Put God first in your life, and watch what He will do.

Are you avoiding God’s purpose for your life? Get out of your comfort zone!

Jesus is your manna, all-sufficient for the ups and downs of your life. Have you tried Him?

The badge of our discipleship is our love toward each other.

We are called to care for our physical life just as faithfully as our spiritual life.

Occupy yourself with the greatest Gift of all. Rest in the grace that has come down from heaven.

The next time God calls you to do something challenging, take Him at His Word and trust Him by faith.

Don’t make room for worry. Fill your heart and mind with prayer and meditation.

If we were sufficient in all things, we wouldn’t need God’s sufficiency.

Whatever happens today, commit it to God in prayer and walk in peace.

We need to bring forth fruits worthy of God’s promise and our prayer.

Anxiety is like rust. It coats and corrodes the mind. Don’t rust. Trust.

Are you looking for strength to persevere through a tough situation in your life?

What could you adjust in your schedule this week to allow more time for spiritual growth?

Are you stressed? Maybe your agendas are blocking God’s purpose for your life.

Live in peace and strength knowing that God is with you!

We can walk with the Lord and experience His peace every day of December and beyond.

Don’t wait for the world to give you a peace it can’t provide - take the peace of Christ!

If you are in a stressful place today, stop now and tell God.

In lonely moments the Spirit is there, never to leave us nor forsake us.

Everyday gratitude is the elixir of life. Instead of groaning and moaning, practice smiling.

There is great joy in counting our mercies instead of our miseries.

A word of encouragement from the sword of the Spirit can save a friend from the attack of despair.

God’s human cure for loneliness is friendship - committed and sacrificial.

You’re never too old to accomplish something new for the Lord.

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